Best Bluetooth Headphones 2017

Wireless headphones resting on a laptop on top of the bed

Who wants wires in their life? Wireless headphones are taking over.



Improving battery and charging technology, coupled with low-power, high-definition audio streaming over Bluetooth, means that you can enjoy amazing quality audio-on-the-go without getting yourself tangled-up in knots.

So, you’re looking to buy a pair, but..

You’ve got that nagging doubt:

What’s the best bluetooth headphones? Of the hundreds of models out there, which offers the best features and sound for the best price? Read on for our reviews of 7 of the best to help you choose:

The Best Wireless Headphones Reviewed

Headphone ModelDesignFeaturesSound
Jabra Move Wireless 779 Check Price
Bose QuietComfort 35 6810 Check Price
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless 989 Check Price
Sony MDR-1000X 7910 Check Price
Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 878 Check Price
V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 1078 Check Price
JBL Synchros E40BT 788 Check Price

Jabra Move Wireless Review

Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - 3 Colors


The headphones have an urbane feel to them. The design is simple yet classy. They come in red, blue, or black.

The Jabra logo is positioned above the ear-cups, other than that and some fine print to inform you about Jabra, the headphones simple.

The headphones are meant to be comfortable even after long listening sessions. The headband is cushioned on the underside as are the ear-pads. This alleviates the stress caused when you wear the headphones for too long.

This makes them ideal headphones for running as you can cover long distances and they won’t cause any strain to your ears.

The head band is connected to the ear cups by a flat linguini cable. The cable adds style to the device and curves in when you retract the headphones. It curves out when you stretch out the headband which is both classy and convenient.

The headphones have the control keys on the left earcup. The play/pause button functions as the answer/end call button two. The navigation buttons are positioned on either side of the play button.

Long pressing adjusts the volume while press and release plays the next track.

On the right side, the ear-cup has an on/off button that also turns on Bluetooth connectivity. There is a micro USB port next to the on/off button that is used with the charging cable.

The Move Wireless comes with a detachable 3.5mm audio cable that connects to other devices if you would like some wired listening.

The headphones have no case, which is an excusable exclusion given the specifications.


The headphones have a crisp sound that you will appreciate even when listening to tracks with a heavy bass.

One thing you will love about the headphones is that the bass does not distort the sound even on high, unsafe volume.

On tracks with lesser bass the lower frequencies still take charge of the sound but the higher mids are much more enjoyable.

The bass is just enough to blend with the highs thus creating a mix worth listening to.

The lower frequencies bring out a rich sound when you listen to tracks with more high and high-mid frequencies.

The baritone or high pitched runs of the singer get enough treble to give out a bright sound that stays on top of the instrumental so that everything is audible enough.

The headphones were also tested with high quality music and they did pass the test.

High fidelity sound is very enjoyable when you are using a headphone like Move Wireless as it sculpts the sound precisely giving room for highs and lows in a harmonious mix.


Jabra Wireless headphones have what it takes to become an audiophiles’ best friend. The music plays effortlessly thanks to the superb performance.

In terms of design, you will love the fashion-forward model and the plush cushion that surrounds the ear-pads.

Aside from good design and performance, the headphone’s capabilities are bolstered by their pocket friendly price. You can get them for much less than other well established brands.

The best thing about that is, you get sound quality that almost equals the expensive type and the headphones last long if you know how to take care of your devices.

  1. Lightweight
  2. Solid build
  3. Built in microphone
  1. Not enough accessories
  2. No storage case
  3. Cannot fold

Bose QuietComfort 35 Review

Bose QuietComfort 35 Bluetooth Headphones - Black

Bose is renowned for producing some of the best noise cancelling headphones. As the name suggests, the QuiteComfort 35 is another in their line of top-rated headphones.

Aside from the QuietControl 30, these are the other headphones from the manufacturer with wireless capabilities.

With many smart-phone brands going the wireless way it seems a canny and timely move that Bose would come up with wireless headphones.

There are plenty of features that make the QuietComfort 35 a great buy; from hi-tech performance, to long battery life, and sophisticated design.

Here are a few more specifications about the noise-cancelling headphones from Bose:


Bose has a certain design they like to stick to. The QuietComfort 35 has followed in this fashion.

As a matter of fact, the headphones look identical to their wired predecessor the QuiteComfort 25; save for some minor trim changes.

The earcups have a metal casing around them and the headband and frame are made of a durable plastic. The earcups are emblazoned with the Bose logo in the large font that seems to announce itself to whoever is looking.

The headband is chunky, as is the norm with Bose headphones; and the underside has a thicker cushion of leather rather than cloth. This wasn’t only put in for its classy look but also to take the brunt off the 100g weight of the headphones.

The wireless design came at a price as all the functionality is handled by the headset alone; therefore, they would naturally be heavier.

The earpads are as comfy as it gets. They are designed to form a snuggly grip around the ears without heating up after long periods of wearing the headphones.

Button configuration

The design changes aforementioned can also be seen with the button configuration done on the right earcup. The on off button functions for Bluetooth connectivity; just slide it to the right side and you are ready to go.

The operational buttons are placed down the side and are easy to figure out. The middle button has multiple functions as a play/pause button, which can also answer and end calls. It also functions for voice commands (for voice dialing and Siri).

Sensibly, small design changes have been made to accommodate the wireless functionality. The power button on the right ear cup now doubles as a Bluetooth pairing button – simply slide it right across to initiate pairing.

You’ll also spot an NFC tag and three buttons down the side, the third of which replaces the previous in-line cable controls.

The middle 'multifunction’ button plays and pauses songs, answers and ends calls, and can also initiate voice commands such as Siri or voice dial.

The volume up/down buttons are placed on either side of the middle button; and are slightly raised to help you find them without having to take the headphones off.

Performance and noise cancelling

The over-ear design plays a role in noise cancelling, but Bose are known to be up there with the best when it comes to active noise cancellation headphones.

Though a little strange in the beginning, you quickly get used to the total noise cancellation which isolates you in the busiest environments.

The sound quality is great, with rich detail across all frequencies. The lows are deep and the highs are balanced enough to blend with the bass.

You will enjoy high resolution files even more when you play them through these headphones. They match up to any sound whether clattered with crashing sounds or accompanied by a heavy bass.

  1. Excellent noise cancellation
  2. Credible sound quality
  3. Clear microphone for calls
  1. No way to turn off ANC
  2. Battery is not user replaceable

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Review

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser is a household name when it comes to quality music devices. The manufacturer launched the Momentum line of headphones in 2013 and won the approval of hi-fi enthusiasts. The headphones have a fashion forward design and quality sound.


The Momentum 2.0 has the same desirable design that it had in 2013. The headband is made of leather and stainless steel. The top of the headband has a tougher leather cover, and the underside is covered in softer, smoother leather.

The earcups are attached to the leather headband with stainless steel rails that are adjustable.

The stainless steel rails add to the style and portability of the wireless headphones. Sennheiser calls them collapsible sliders and they fold up to encase the big earcups one on top of the other.

The large earcups wrap around the ear snuggly and the leather earpads enhance comfort. The earcups have a matte design and a glossy ring around them which is home to the control buttons.

The right earcup has all the controls. The USB port, multi-function button (that doubles as the volume rocker), and power button- which is used for Bluetooth pairing are all positioned here. The 3.5 mm input is also on the right.


The Momentum 2.0 introduces two new features into the line of headphones; Bluetooth connectivity and active noise cancelation. Both features work great on the headphones.

The battery can go on for 22 hours with considerable volume and active noise cancellation on.

Bluetooth paring is commendable as the headphones can pair with up to 8 devices or use NFC paring with compatible devices.

Noise cancellation works well and once you have it on you are basically thrust into a confined space with your thoughts. Despite the expectation that noise cancelling would feel strange, the Momentum 2.0 is natural and calming.


Momentum has long aligned itself with sound quality and the new 2.0 doesn’t let down. The full-bodied and rich sound has detailed highs and heavy lows.

Basslines with a heavy punch do not engulf the whole mix even in higher volume. The wireless headphones give a refined sound that gives the impression of listening to live music for hi-fi enthusiasts who love high res beats.

With clarity for highs and mid-highs, the treble caters for music with lesser quality so that you can enjoy every track you listen to.

The mix of the treble and bass response allows you to enjoy the depth of the music as the active noise cancellation isolates the tunes from external noise.

The headphones also have smart microphones. One of the microphones allows you to speak on a call without having to use the cable.


The Momentum 2.0 offers incredible performance and has a great sense of style to it with the leather headband and folding action.

Additionally, the headphones come with a case for carrying them around. However, audiophiles will have to cough up a sizeable amount to get them.

  1. Excellent durable build quality
  2. Distinct bass delivery
  3. Cover’s the ear well
  1. Expensive
  2. Slightly lower on frequency range than other headphones in its class

Sony MDR-1000X Review

Sony MDR-1000X Bluetooth Headphones

Sony is well known when it comes to music technology. They have always pushed the boundaries with new innovations and in the process became one of the most respected brands of its kind.

While Bose is reputed to be the best in making noise cancellation headphones, Sony came with headphones that should give Bose a run for its money.

The MDR-1000X are powerful and elegant in a way only Sony could achieve.


The MDR-1000X is a pair of headphones that does not really dwell on impressing. However, the effortless style is seen through the simple design.

The earcups are covered with soft faux leather, which is without any branding.

The headphones are comfortable as they rest on your skin rather than grip on your ears.

Earcups rotate to 90 degrees and can twist to rest on your shoulders. The headband also folds for portability.

Buttons and controls

Sony’s on ear Bluetooth headphones have reduced buttons to a bare minimum. Under the left earcup are the power, ambient sound and noise cancelling buttons.

The rest is done by touch. The touchpad is much better than using buttons because, a lot of the time you end up pressing the wrong button.

As for the touch pad, playing and pausing is by tapping the same with receiving calls. Swipe up and down to adjust the volume, and right and left to change tracks.


Sony being one of the leading electronics companies in the business, set out to stage a worthy competitor for the QC35 from Bose. The MDR-1000X has some elaborate tech that could easily make it an industry leader.

The main part of it is the Sense Engine, software to optimize noise cancellation through auto-calibration. The software is like the one used on home theater systems for amplification.

The headphones send test tones that measure the size of your ear and how they are positioned. After some number crunching, they deliver impeccable sound as well as noise cancellation.

Once the calibration is done, a voice from the headphones will alert you. It also comes in handy when you are listening wirelessly as it alerts you of the remaining charge on the battery at different times.

The Quick Attention mode will also be appealing to many who use the headphones. If you place your hand on the right earcup, the music silences immediately, allowing you to communicate without a problem. The music comes back on when you take your hand off.

Ambient Sound is another mode available on the headphones. It has two filter settings which are Normal and Voice.

Normal allows some sounds to pass through so that you remain aware of your surroundings. Voice, on the other hand, is focused on letting conversations in so that you can talk and still enjoy your music.


The MDR-1000X gives an exemplary performance both on noise cancellation, and sound delivery. The mid-highs and highs are bright and clear while the bass is deep but not overbearing.

It is also very much ideal for uncompressed music, therefore those who love hi-res music will have fun with this pair of headphones.

  1. Long battery life-20 hours
  2. High quality performance for sound and noise cancellation
  3. Comfortable design
  1. Expensive
  2. No inline remote for audio cable

Beats Studio wireless Bluetooth headphones review; worth the fuss?

Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, white and gold

Beat by Dre are not merely headphones; they are a status symbol. The Beats range of earphones and headphones are known to have good quality sound. However, the sound quality doesn’t always match the price tag.

The Beats Studio wireless headphones are not known for their noise cancellation properties but these do just fine when it comes to minimizing external noise.

Beat by Dre Design

The Beats studio wireless have a simpler look than before, going for less pomp.

Beats Studio come in different color variants such as red, metallic sky, and titanium. The black type is lusterless but the others have a sheen. All have a red cord for wired listening.

The over-the-ear headphones appear too big. The earpads are heavily cushioned and the headband fits just right with a little adjusting.

The entire earcup is glossy plastic and the beats characteristic Bsign on either earcup adds something to the design.

Controls can be found on the left earcup which has the volume buttons and the multifunction button which can be used for; track navigation, call management, and playback.

On the right earcup lies the power button that also functions as the pairing button for Bluetooth as well as the LED battery indicator.

When you press the multifunction and power buttons simultaneously, the headphones go into ANC-Only mode. In this mode the headphones do not play any music but isolate external sounds through their noise cancellation tech.


Beats by Dre were released to much fanfare and they do quite well when it comes to music quality.

Noise cancellation on the other hand is not really up to standard. Other makes like Bose and Sony do a much better job.

While the noise cancellation is not bad, most of it is due to the heavy padding around the ears which naturally shuts out a lot of noise.

The headphones are designed to blast music to the ears-and blast they do. They have a heavy bass and the deep frequencies can cause a little distortion on high volume.

However, it is important to note that Beats headphones usually have a large volume range that is not normally possible to reach.

The bass has however been overdone; tracks that should have the thumping of kick drums are felt to have bass where there is none. This effect makes listening to tracks such as jazz difficult because you cannot enjoy the musicality without being bothered by the excess bass.

The highs and mids are much more balanced and offer a much more reputable signature for the beats sound.

Listening to the bass and treble, you realize that they work together to justify the claim that this is a sculpted sound. The high frequencies have been boosted to stay on top of the overly emphasized bass.


Beats headphones have a reputation already and the quality of sound on offer here is above standard. The headphones also have rubber on the underside which make them ideal headphones for running.

They also come in a semi-hard case which increases portability and helps you keep them safe because they will cost you quite an amount.

  1. They have long battery life-12 to 20 hours
  2. Active noise cancellation works well
  3. Has two audio cables one with a 3 button remote
  1. The base is over emphasized
  2. Expensive

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless; booming bass and urban style

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

V-Moda is a brand known for good music quality when it comes to headphones. The competition for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones has been on for the last year and V-Moda has a candidate vying for the top spot.

The Crossfade Wireless are an effective pair of headphones with a lot of bass response for the lovers of heavy basslines.


The headphones are surprisingly light and feel secure around the ears. V-Moda has modeled the Crossfade Wireless with their signature grungy appearance.

The earcups have metallic hexagonal plates that can be replaced for a more personalized choice. The general appearance is designed for durability, a nice quality if you like carrying your music gear around.

Black leatherette covers the headband with breathable material on the underside that prevents it from giving you headphone hair, the dampening effect that you get after hours of wearing headphones for hours on end.

It has lusterless plastic on the ends of the headband and metallic details shaped in a V.

Below the headband are the metal side-arms that can turn at a 90-degree angle for comfort. However, the Crossfade Wireless does not have foldable earcups, therefore flexibility is minimal.

The earpads are made of memory foam which aids in comfort while their bulky size helps in noise isolation.

The micro USB port is positioned on the left with everything else on the other side. On the right you have the power switch, which also switches Bluetooth pairing on.

The multimedia buttons are strewn around the metal plate on the side of the earcup with the play/pause button used to pick calls too. Button configuration is easy to get used to even though they are not as tactile on the click as you would like.


The Crossfade Wireless were meant for bass lovers. The bass is heavy and the good thing is it does not distort on higher volume. The highs and mid-range frequencies are crisp and balance well with the intense bass.

The combination of a heavy bass and clear high and mid-highs slices the sound profile for you to enjoy. Mid frequencies are however not as crisp clear as you would expect for headphones of its caliber but the difference is negligible.

Vocals are also crisp and there is no sibilance, even though the purists will not be pleased with the bass treble mix. All in all, the sound quality is above average.

The battery life is considerably long given you can use them on Bluetooth mode for 12 hours without any problems. A cable for the 3.5mm input is also available in case the battery dies on you when you least expect it.


The V-Moda Crossfade wireless headphones pass the test as a worthy competitor for big bass headphones. All the basics that allow you to have fun with all types of music are there.

High resolution sound is also enjoyable on this pair of cans.

  1. Good quality sound
  2. Hard case to carry them around in
  3. Built for durability
  1. Poor button response
  2. Cannot fold

JBL Synchros E40BT review

JBL Synchros E40BT Bluetooth Headphones - White

JBL is in a frenzy to push consumers to purchase headphones and earphones. They realize that the time is perfect to explore the increased use of Smartphones and additional portable devices that allow consumers to listen to music.

One of the best bets that the company has made is the JBL E40BT.

Design and specifications

The basic design of the headset is relatively simple, with some very nice visual touches. For example, there is a crosshatch texture on the outer rings that surrounds the JBL logos and on the triangles on the hinge where the earcups fold for portability.

The logos are very prominent, with the black-with-silver color scheme very pronounced. The white and gray versions, on the other hand, look sleek.

The JBL Synchros E40BT headphones have been made to look attractive, making quite the fashion statement.

They are available in blue, white and purple in addition to the black and silver. They come with a modern aesthetic feel that is hard to see in any of the other wireless headsets on the market.

The on-the-go-design of the E40BT involves the earcups that have the capability to swivel to 90 degrees. The unit also has the ability to fold in compact shape for easier transport and storage.

The body of the headset is made up of high-grade plastic material, apart from the circular metal strips at the rear of the individual earcups.

Leatherette pads present are soft and manageable- that helps them to isolate noise to a certain extent.

Also present is a soft leatherette padding on the headband, which is durable even when you twist it aggressively.

The significant problem is that headphones will clamp down on the wearer’s ears tightly, which causes noticeable discomfort.


Unlike other audio devices that look exquisite on the outside but deliver less in the audio department, the E40BT manages to pull this off quite nicely.

The Synchros E40BT has a satisfying sound signature, though sometimes the subdued (almost non-exist) bass will put off some people.

The channel of separation on the headphones is quite interesting; when listening to anything audio, the whirr of the engine will travel from right to left channel and vice versa. The resulting open sound is very pleasant to the ears.

The sound staging on the headphones is decent. The trebles and mids are sufficiently tight. As a result, it is an extremely good experience watching a movie with dialogues as the sounds become crystal clear.


JBL seems to have been right with the development of the Synchros E40BT. The headphones are well priced for a product of an amazing design with a decent sound quality.

The on-ear fitting can, however, be snug and leads to longer sessions seeming restless. The restlessness is however combated by the good sound quality.

The battery life of the headset is stellar, and the unit generally comes with great design aesthetics.

  1. Pretty design
  2. Sturdy build quality
  3. Good overall sound
  1. Uncomfortable to wear

Buyers Guide

Wireless earpieces, whether headphones or earphones, are so convenient and easy to handle. This device has changed – for the better - the way we do so many things.

Working out is no longer a hustle as you can listen to your music as you run without the hustle of tangled wires; they have changed how we pick our phone calls, especially for that busy person who always has their hands engaged; the list can go on.

There is no doubt that with a good set of Bluetooth headphones, your life will become so much easier.

With this in mind, one needs to invest in a good pair that will guarantee quality and give you value for money.

What exactly do you need to be keen on to ensure you get yourself the best piece?

Charging Ports

For these convenient devices to function well, there have to be powered at the right time. One of the things to look out for in this regard is a device that has a standard USB port, be it micro or mini. You should be able to charge it from a desktop, a laptop or a USB charger.

The advantage of this is that most people use USB charging systems and you will never really power down as long as you are near 'civilization.’ Also, when traveling, you will not have to carry many cables or adapters.

Dependable Battery Life

It is also important to consider how long the battery will last. Based on use, a top-rated Bluetooth piece should have long battery life so that one is not compelled to charge it frequently. A good consideration would be a battery life of over 6 hours.

Secure Ear Looping Option

The whole idea behind wireless earphones is a hands-free operation. If you are running or moving around, you do not want to be distracted with whether the running earphone is in place or if it can fall off.

When shopping, consider pieces that have a secure ear looping adaption to ensure that you do not lose them when on the move. You can look at one that has an over-the-ear loop.

Sound Quality

Before you purchase Bluetooth earphones, test the sound quality. Ensure that you can get sound signals well and that you are heard very clearly on the other end. Your voice should be very clear to the other party and nothing is filtered out.

You need to factor in the fact that you will be using the headset in different locations and environments – even on the streets where there is noisy traffic and a lot of activity.

Multiple Microphones and Ability to Cancel Noise

Still in the same vein with good quality sound, when looking for the best wireless earpieces, you want it to be able to cancel noise.

A device that has this feature detects background noise from the environment or surroundings and suppresses it. This is helpful as one can listen to music or any sound in a noisy or crowded background. Multiple microphones enable this feature. One microphone is used to speak into while the other is used to cancel the background noise. Some models have up to three microphones for this feature where two cancel the noise, giving you a good listening experience.

Stereo and HD sound adaptability

When it comes to sound distribution, wireless headphones can have either mono, stereo or HD sound options.

The Mono sound feature is good for telephone calls and basic functions, it however has adequate sound quality. If you are interested in listening to music or playing video games, you should consider purchasing a wireless headset with two earpieces and that has stereo sound.

For the best quality of sound, consider purchasing a device with HD capabilities. HD will give you an enjoyable listening experience. Consider the sound adaptability when purchasing. Of course, your choice here is based on the experience you are looking for.

Less Parts and Accessories

To ensure that you do not lose parts of the device and for convenience’ sake, consider wireless headsets or earphones that have less parts and accessories.

As an example, the charging system should be a direct system that does not include an intermediary piece. Also, you should not have to assemble and tear it apart when you need to use it or store it.

Simpler is always better when it comes to a great Bluetooth headphones deal.

User-Friendly and Accessible Controls

The buttons that control the wireless earphones need to be friendly and accessible. In most cases you will be using one finger and may not always have a free hand when you want to increase volume or hang up.

A good earpiece will have be very user friendly and separate the controls in such a way that you will not mix up the functions.

Voice Command Option

Closely related to user-friendliness and accessibility is the voice command feature.

Top-rated wireless earphones or headsets have this feature. Because of improved technology and the low costs associated with it, this feature is one of the must-haves when determining a good earpiece that is linked to a smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

This feature makes other activities you are engaged in like exercising, driving, cooking or even working so much easier. You can give simple commands such as Dial, Redial or Pick’.

Ability to Multi-pair

A feature that will make for good on ear Bluetooth headphones or earphones is the ability is has to multi-pair. This feature is becoming increasingly useful as it allows a user to pair the device with more than one Bluetooth-enabled device.

A case in point is pairing your Bluetooth headphones to a tablet, laptop and smartphone simultaneously. This feature means flexibility.

Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

A feature that goes hand-in-hand with multi-pairing is the Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP).

This feature enables one to use a single interface to control audio-visual devices. Wireless headsets or earphones that have this feature are better placed as one is able to pair their set with multiple devices and control them easily.

AVCRP allows for users to play, stop, pause and adjust the volume of the audio files right from the headset.

Near-Field Communication (NFC) Feature

Near-field communication is a feature that allows a pair of Bluetooth headphones of earphones to pair with a Bluetooth enabled device without going through the settings menu. As long as the two devices are close to each other, a connection is established.

This feature has encryption technology to ensure communication is safe from the public so one does not need to worry about other people getting access even when they are close to your devices. A good earpiece strives to ensure convenience and this feature enables it.

Good Range

As much as you would like to have the near-field communication feature to enable devices on close range to pair, a good wireless earpiece should also allow for pairing in wide range.

Most Bluetooth devices connect to devices that are around 33 feet away before connection is lost. In most cases though, the sound quality drops after a 10-foot range.

There are some devices that have good performance when 20 feet away and some have the ability to transmit around or through walls.

When buying, one needs to ensure that their piece can work well within convenient ranges.


This is a feature that most people do not take time to consider. The best wireless headphones or earphones need to be very comfortable to the user. One needs not to feel irritated or burdened when wearing the earpieces.

The ear buds for one need to be of the right size and shape for each user as they in fact go inside the ear and rest at the entrance. They should be supported by the outer edge ear.

Most earpiece models give the user interchangeable speaker cushion options that are of different shapes and sizes. Pick one that suits your comfort; after all, you might end up wearing these wireless earphones the whole time you are working out and every time you get on phone.

Those who use headphones for running or exercising are especially interested in comfort and sensitive to irritation.

Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

This is a feature that allows for wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source like a phone to the receiver which in this case is a wireless earpiece.

This feature enables user access certain mobile phone features such as redial without necessarily using the phone directly.


When looking for wireless headsets or earphones, you may need to consider the best.

Credible brands speak for themselves and have more often than not been used by someone somewhere.

Granted, it may not be wise to peg your entire purchasing decision on the brand name, but you can get guidance in order to settle for the best.

Also, the technology and features that have been enabled in wireless headsets or earphones all work to give the user a good audio experience. The functionality and convenience is what mostly speaks to the consumer.

Always take a long look around before settling on what works for you.

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